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$734 / sqf

Antique Car Barn

Upstate New York

0 Bathrooms

1 Room            

0 Bedrooms

Tom Wilson


$568 / sqf

Hi-Tech Apartment 


600 sqft            
0 Bathrooms

2 Rooms 

1 Bedrooms

Jane Smith


$654 / sqf

Creative Space


800 sq m
0 Bathrooms

1 Rooms

0 Bedrooms

Ann Sterling


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Helping you find your new homestead is our only mission.

We here at Homestead Properties Ltd only have one goal, and that is to get you homesteading as soon as possible. Our great agents have the full homestead database at our fingertips, and the experience to know what will work best for you. Each homesteader is different. Some want a mountain retreat to write the great American novel while raising a flock of big horn sheep, while someone else might want kids and chickens running around their tiny farm while they harvest their corn, and yet someone else might want to break wild Mustangs at their very own dude ranch. Let us help you figure out your dream, as the official homestead real estate agents of Durable Vintage.

What Our Clients Say

We strive to be the best homestead realtor this side of the Mississippi, and the other side too.

Tom is the best, and I recognize that if you're not from the US this may sound weird. He's from France, and he's just arrived in the US from the UK. He's one of many farmers who have chosen not to work here so he can take on a farm to support his wife, daughter and son.

Jane got us our dream Homestead. I will stay here from now on. But I have no more time for my family right now. I've been trying to stay as quiet as possible this morning but this morning I didn't sleep a wink.

It's not that complicated and a corn farmer can do it as if he's just planting corn and James can help!

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